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Palo comes out of the closet


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This is something I have wanted to do for some time now, even if the year is 2019 already - I still feel its a taboo little bit. A popular player like myself coming out like this? You don´t see or hear it too often in any sports, it´s easier to stay quiet at least until your playing days are over. Either way, this is not something that happened over the night,  I learned by watching my father, he learned by watching his father. I still remember the day when I was maybe seven years old, I caught my dad and our neighbor in our living room, I was watching two grown men yell and sweat together - at that moment I knew, but it was still years later when I truly realized - I´m a D.C Dragons fan. Seeing my father and our neighbor get so into watching the team play hockey made me fall in love with the sport.


I´m now the third generation Palo who is stepping out of the closet and openly support the  D.C Dragons. As you can imagine, playing for Vancouver and then supporting another team is something that will bring a lot of negative attention towards myself, but I´m not afraid anymore, I´m proud to be Dragons fan. There is nothing you can say or do that will change my mind.



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The Gustav Player Agency wishes all people the best, regardless of race, religion, biological sex or gender identity, cultural or national background, sexual orientation, or any other identifying characteristic.


Except those stupid non-Malmo people.

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