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Samuel Ross leaving VHL?


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               After a successful start to the VHL season for HC Davos Dynamo, we have received word from the Samuel Ross camp that a long time friend of his has passed away.  We have also heard the he might be thinking about his future in the VHL.  This comes right after he made his debut, recording 14 straight saves in a mop up effort.  Sources say that back home in South Carolina Ross’s friend, Rusty Jones was involved in a crash resulting from a drunk driver late last week.  After a battle with head trauma and periods of consciousness, Jones succumbed to his injuries.  Ross was reportedly on the phone with the family when Jones was declared.  

               We caught up to Ross’s agent, Burrbis Burr, to get some insight.  “Yes there was a death and it’s very hard for Sam, but he has no plans on leaving the VHL.”  Burr continued, “He is very committed to his team, city, league and the fans and as much as this hurts he knows getting back to work on the ice will help him get through it.”  When asked about the adjustment to living overseas Burr replied, “It is a huge adjustment for anyone, let alone a kid who is just starting to figure out who he is as a person.  Considering all of that, he is doing great.  There is still some language barriers and social snafus and all that but he has managed to stay out of trouble and stay on the ice.  That’s more than a lot of teenage millionaires do.”

                 Ross didn’t hold a press conference, but did send out a memo.  It stated, “Today I lost more than  a friend, I lost a family member.  One forged by hard times, late nights, lots of laughs instead of by blood.  Although we were miles away and chasing our own dreams, we never let that separate us.  As much as a personal distraction as this is, I have no plans to quit on my team.  As hard as the pain is and as deep as the void is, I still have a job to do. I am focused on this great start our team is having and my goal of winning another championship is still in reach. I would like to thank the press, the fans and the Dynamo for the love, support and understanding that I might not be the most gregarious player for a little while.  Thanks for everything and see y’all on the ice.”

                  HC Davos currently has 19 points on the season and is in a logjam for one of the top spots in the division.  Jake Davis is having a great start to the season and is in the top 5 in points.  Starting net minder Finn Davison is currently holding a GAA below 2 as Davos has some of the best team defense numbers in the VHL.  Will this trend continue?  Is Samuel Ross telling the truth?   Could this be a turning point for his VHL career?  Only time will tell.

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