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S68 Las Vegas Aces Captains


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After I saw the Houston Bulls captains get announced, I realized that Las Vegas needed some captains as well! A great start to the year has been without any captains, but that is going to change now.


Me and my AGM @Poptart have talked about it, throwing out some names. Ultimately, we came to a conclusion with three final names; one captain and two alternate captains. We valued activity in discord the most in this process. Of course, there are many people on the team that would be worthy of Captaincy, so cutting some people out of the loop was tough. Without further ado, here are your S68 Las Vegas Aces captains and alternate captains!


Captain- @Juddy (David Wallace)

Alternate- @STZ (Benny Graves)

Alternate- @jhatty8 (Lek Bislimi)


After signing with Vegas last season as a waiver, @Juddy was a big part of our playoff push last year, and wanted to return to the team this year. We picked him at 14th overall in the draft, and he was a worthwhile selection for sure. He is productive on the ice and active in the LR.


Our two alternates are @STZ and @jhatty8. Both guys are active in the LR and are well known in the community, whether through the VHL or itS other affiliate leagues. 


Cheers to those who are now the Aces Captains! Hopefully we can cap this season off with a cup win!

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