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Flowers Making a Strong First Impression for RotY


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New York, NYUSA - Some complain that there just aren't enough brand-new draftees playing in the VHL - and it's not necessarily unfounded, even with the expansion teams making their debut this season. But one S68 draftee making an impact in a big way is New York's Lance Flowers, a defenseman who spent time with both Yukon and Halifax in the minors over the last couple of seasons. Since entering the league, he's kept up a blistering ~0.87 ppg pace - which frankly is hard enough for second or even some first-line league vets to keep up with. While it may be a bit of an outlier and could regress to the mean, Flowers has accomplished this in spite of being a primarily stay-at-home defender (90 DF, 70 SC) with high-quality playmaking capabilities; he currently sits at 43rd in the league overall in terms of points, but is tenth among defensemen.


Doing what he's done to this point in this season makes Flowers an easy candidate to watch for RotY - but the question remains as to whether those drafted near him - Connor Adrienne, Thorny Underyew, and Jeff Downey among them - will have enough playing time (or the ability) to catch up. With S67 players spending a year in the VHLM also getting a crack at Rookie of the Year, Flowers has his work cut out for him.

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