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This Week with David Wallace


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This Week with David Wallace


David Wallace started his journey to the VHL last season with the Las Vegas Aces of the VHLM. He had a few destinations available to him like Mexico City and Halifax, but after GM Matt’s pitch he decided that was the best place for him to start his career. As a free agent Wallace did well and helped push the Aces into a playoff spot to eventually lose in five games in the first round of the playoffs. Then came the draft where Wallace was selected by expansion team Prague Phantoms, and in the VHLM draft Matt brought Wallace back to Vegas with a second round pick. This year hasn’t been great for Wallace, in 15 games he has 3 goals and 9 assists, but he is a -7. That hasn’t hurt the team as Vegas is currently in second place if the VHLM with a 10-4-1 record.


The big news out of Vegas over the past few days is the naming of their captains, and Matt and Poptart shocked the VHLM world by naming Wallace to be their captain.


I’m honestly shocked, said Wallace, and continued its a huge honor, I was not expecting this especially with my play not being great, but they like the other things I bring to the team. It’s a great feeling, now I need to step up my game and prove that I can be a leader on the ice as well as off the ice.


Wallace is still a young player in this league but has been around the Vegas locker room for quite some time now. We will see how Wallace reacts to the new leadership role he was put in and see if he breaks under the new pressure or he rises to the occasion and becomes an even better player. 


The Aces are currently playing great hockey even with Wallace putting up great numbers. If he can find a way to improve his game this team should be the number one team in the VHLM and get home ice advantage through out the playoffs. They are currently the team to beat and are playing without a legit number one goalie. Matt just signed a waiver goalie and hopefully by the end of the year this new kid can be good enough to help push them to victory through out the playoffs.


The Aces are also toying with their line up, with their top two players carrying the team they are looking for ways to get Wallace and others more involved and boost their secondary scoring. This will only help the team in the long run as they find the right chemistry. They seem destined for the playoffs so they regular season is like a long practice to hone their skills build chemistry and find the right line ups where every player is contributing night in and night out. The team has also been building up confidence and that will only grow as they win more games and build better chemistry. Every player on this team has been at the rink way before they’re required and working out to get better and better. They all help and push each other to be better everyday. We expect great things out of this team.

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