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Frustrating fun


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During a rebuild, you have to expect nothing and hope for the best. It is hard to get the best lines as it will only benefit one or two players with the side effect of stifling the lines that were working. One change seems to change the dynamics of the team. With so many young players, this is bound to happen.


NY Americans are finding their way. It's still early in the rebuild and it will be hard to expect success against teams that are well established. Though we do try, it just isn't our time yet. As a player it can be a lot of fun and frustrating at the same time.


With the GM and new AGM, we should be moving players around to find a good balance for the team overall. With limited talent, that isn't easy but it is part of the rebuild process. There will be good games and bad games but we are just not deep enough to maintain any for of consistency.


Moving forward, we should find our balance and games should be more indicative of what we will have in the future. We will soon find out how this team will be positioned in the next season. Will we have more than one line working? Or will we be a balanced team with decent results. It is up to the people that are in control to have a handle on who plays where and when. I believe they will carefully work on the lines to bring out the most from all players, not just a single player.


Rebuilds are not for everyone. They are frustrating to say the least but can be very rewarding once the foundation has been set and lines start working together. Next season we should be in a much better position and we should have a good idea about where the team is headed.


It will be a pivotal season for me as it is the last season of my contract. I hope the team is firing on most of it's cylinders by then.

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