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Cinnamon Blasts Refs


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"I swear these refs have it out for me. I can barely touch a guy without getting a whistle blown! This is gosh darn hockey, not some floppy sport like soccer. We're physical, we're bruisers, we're out here trying to grind. The last game against Mexico City in particular was extra bad. It's not holding when I use my forearm to slam someone into the glass! How can you call interference if I'm making a play for the puck! Tripping... ok maybe that one was legit. But hooking? Are you calling me a hooker? Grow up you zebras! They need to get out of the way and just let us play. We've been penalized more than any other team in the league, and it's a gosh darn conspiracy by the VHLM because they don't want Las Vegas to be great this season. They're scared that Sin City is going to be too much of a tourist trap that will suck the younger players into bad habits. Well you know what? Phooey on them! This is the year of the Aces, and nothing will stop us from our goal! So y'all better just buckle up because we're coming, and not even the refs can save you from what we'll do to you!"

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