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Kristopher McDagg on New Team, New Season


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"Well, it's been fun in Houston before the draft. But being a late pick for Saskatoon has really changed things for me. I am doing pretty good by a rookie's standards. With only 48 TPE and getting a point every 2 games on a struggling team, that's pretty good." McDagg started off with. He was then asked about the expansion... "Yeah, they pretty much suck. I said this in the press conference that will air next week. We are struggling, but we can make a comeback, I just can't see them having one. So those are my thoughts, next?" A reporter asked about HIS teams performance. "Look, we aren't the hottest right now, but I can see us heating up. With Peace and my old pal Elmebeck in charge, I see us making a comeback and reaching for a playoff spot. I like to think optimistically." He was asked about his GM, AGM, Teammates, and Draft... "The management is amazing! Such great people. My teammates are great guys and skilled players! But the draft... I didn't even think I was getting drafted! I thought I would remain an unsigned player in Houston. When I found out Saskatoon drafted me, I was thrilled! North of the border baby! At #71 in the draft, I just couldn't believe it!"


"Thanks for interviewing me, and I'd like to say thanks to Elmebeck, Peace, Frost, and Wilcox!"

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