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Orion might regret some things


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If you came in here to read that he regrets signing with Helsinki you would be right to assume such things because his stats are horrible and the team is not dominating the way it should. So far into his career he has two VHLM championships and 1 VHL championship. You would think that he would be happy with where he is in his career. But facts and stats do not lie, Orion Slade is so far the worst forward that the Robbie Agency has signed and it's not even close. His stats are low and that's putting it nicely. One would argue that he plays for an offensive powerhouse and his talents are hidden by better players. Maybe he should have signed with Seattle, who are the best team in the league. He would be the offensive force there. Or maybe he should have gone to Toronto, he would have probably dug them out of the bottom of the league. But he signed in Helsinki after dragging on the decision till the end of free agency. But if you ask him if he regrets signing he says "Regret is a strong word, I only regret going for the modest 3some last night when I could have easily had three girls. I also regret making fun of Calgary during my free agency. But it's hard to make fun of a team that does not exist. People who are dead cannot GM teams, that is a fact. So a team that says a dead person is their GM does not exist. Fuck em"

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