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Regrets: Things not done


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Since this is my swan song, my last player and so on I will continue to talk about my career here as a whole. So today I will be talking about my personal regrets about things I did not have the time nor the opportunity to do. 


1. GM another VHL team. I fucked shit up in NY on purpose. For the shits and gigs of it all. I was very vocal about it. The league has not let me helm another VHL team since. Mostly because they fear that I would do it again. But, I have said in the last year or so that I would love the chance (now it makes little sense since I am leaving soonish) I proved that I can do it by winning as  GM in the VHLM with two great teams. I have that killer attitude that all GM's need. But oh fucking well, the time has passed and this will never happen for many reasons. Even if the league begged me. Which they won't. Unless it's taking Calgary off that complete morons hands. 


2. I regret not getting into an epic battle with @boubabi it's a clash that the league deserves to see and now that he is back could it happen? I doubt it because it seems like he is on probation and the league told him to be a good little boy. I guess that's cool and all that he is back. I was one of the people that said he should be allowed to return. But it was for selfish reasons. I wanted to battle him and take him down. But I feel now that if I went after him, it would be like taking away a walking cane from a old man that cannot walk without it (Something I've done in RL. Long story, he was trying to hit me with it so I took it and threw it into the lake) I doubt this ever happens but who fucking knows.


3.   Getting a month long ban. No this is not an attempt at one. Not a cry for one. But I feel that the shit i've done far surpasses anything that anyone has done to even get longtime bans. Most of you are here for the stats and shit. I am here for the fun. What I find fun is stirring the pot till the pot overflows and the league banning me for making a mess. I was a damn good fucking troll, hell I still am. I made moron cry and post on here showing off that I was mean to him. That was not even my best work. I was legit bored and decided to pick on him. But this is not about that. This is about that the longest ban I got was like what? two weeks? nothing ever longer than that. The league for sure had grounds on banning me for far longer. I was a repeat offender, one that never really learned their lesson. Hell after each ban I came back with a bigger chip on my shoulders. Each ban was a badge for me and I wanted more. Hell I even got a in game suspension, which I am sure has not ever been seen again. My last ever post on here will probably get me my life time ban but... it's too bad I never got a month. I got one day, one week, two weeks but never more.


4. Instant Release Clause. Yes I am known for coming up with interesting and crazy clauses in my contracts. Some of them are banned like my GMC (Guaranteed Movement Clause) but the one that I could never get a team to fully agree to was the IRC. I had a few teams that were open to it but it never happened. I either signed with other teams or the GM backed away from it. I can see why, the IRC basically would screw them out of any return for my player if I wanted a release. The GMC was the lesser of the two evils. Till I was told I was not allowed to have one built into my contract. However what the league doesn't know I have had secret clauses with GM's. So I get the last laugh. 

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