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Has Ahma cursed Davos?


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In light of @Ahma sending all VHL General Managers his regular pre-draft “don't draft me I only want to play for Davos” message, as well as the Dynamo somewhat surprisingly retiring the number of his most recent career Davos player – Alvaro Jokinen – after a career which saw 2 playoff appearances in 6 seasons. That got me thinking, has Ahma cursed Davos?


You might have seen me occasionally point out how unbelievably good Davos was in the first half of their history. The headline stat remains 8 Continental Cups in the first 28 seasons (S11-S38) of the franchise moving to Switzerland. That run ended after my GM reign (S35-S39) which brought the last 2 cups in 4 finals appearances, as my successor CoachReilly ran into some bad luck and couldn't get into the finals in the early 40s. That was also when Ahma joined the league with Simon Valmount drafted by Riga in S44. He would soon end up on Davos and by S47 was the team's new GM. He then went inactive, needing Vladamir Komarov @Gooningitup to pick up the pieces and bring a ragtag group to Game 7 against the threepeating Toronto in S50.


Since then, the Dynamo have made 2 other finals appearances (another underdog run in S56 and finally a drought-ending cup win in S61). Fittingly, Ahma, although having made a return to Davos in S61, did not make his debut with Jokinen until S62, with the seasons since being much more like recent Davos and not like the glory days of old. Ironically, Ahma's only Continental Cup win came with Helsinki in S55, a city and team he openly hates.


So then, has Davos been infected by an Ahma curse? Or was it the fact Coach fucking changed the logo for no reason from :hcd: to :dav:?

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