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Well, I've no clue what's write about this week as I tend not to do this between my job pay and just not wanting to. So I mean I can look at quik thoughts around the league or I could ramble though more stats but I feel like that's boring so take a look at some of the things I've seen go down involving either me or Seattle or Minnesota (but nothing happens down there)


Calgary is failing, it's time for them to rebuild which I do expect to see this season. The team just can't cut the mustard this season for some reason getting too old I guess. 


TheLastOlympian, keeps thinking it's a good idea to go after Banackock. I don't really suggest that considering he's one of the better shit talkers in the league. he came back to try and get the last work today so we'll see how that ends.


Bushito or a Calgary player at some place called us shitbox team, seems to have become a bit of a rally cry would we be anybody. 


For now we're on top of the league, so at least for a little while we can hold a bit of Glory that's an overly young team doing too damn good for how they should be. So get over it and deal with it.

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