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Lesieur Settles into New Life with the Kings


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It’s been a whirwind of activity since Guy Lesieur was drafted by the Mexico City Kings in the third round of the S68 VHML rookie draft. One big task has been getting to know his new coaches and teammates, especially his linemates C Jack Russell and LF Symere Myles. Another is adjusting to life in Mexico City after having moved from the northwest of France – not only does he need to work on his English which is already fair, but to move about in his team’s home city he needs to be able to get around in Spanish as well. That’s not gong quite as well.


But the season is off to a glorious start. The Kings are sitting in 4th place tied with Mississauga Hounds at 22 points each and not that far out of 3rd. The playoff picture is looking promising and of course, once you get to the playoffs, anything can happen.


Guy himself is starting to feel pretty comfortable on the ice. He is the team’s 2nd leading scorer with 17 points (8 goals and 9 assists) behind defenseman Alyksander Hunter who has notched 25. He has also settled into the Mexico City power play playing on the 2nd line with Jack Russell at C again and fellow rookie Shush Nyko out on the left wing.


Lesieur is grateful he was drafted onto such a solid team with good people, not just good hockey players and is looking forward to more of the same kind of success that the team has had 18 games into the new season.

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