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S68 Trivia Week 1 Results


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Hello and welcome to the first trivia results of S68. Here were the correct answers:


1. Who was the first American inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Mike Szatkowski, proudly representing the stars and stripes, retired in S10 and was promptly inducted right after that in S11. Of the previous 12 inductees, not one was from the US, including Scotty Campbell (Swiss) and Alex McNeil (Canadian). The other option on the poll, Mike's longtime linemate Brannan Anthony, was a fellow American but despite retiring earlier, was not inducted into the HOF until S12.


Side note: As someone asked if question meant players from the USA or players who played for New York, as clarified it was US Americans rather than NY Americans. Notably, NYA didn't come into existence until S7 and the first NY player inducted was Alexander Beketov (by virtue of spending the start of S7 with NY after their move from Hamilton and before his own move to Vasteras).


2. Who was the first player to win the Brett Slobodzian Trophy for a season in which they were traded midway through? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @Phil)

It was the man who asked the question - Phil Rafter, who split S32 between Davos and Helsinki. It was also the first season that the Slobo Trophy became the 'most outstanding' rather than 'most valuable', which makes sense as it would be odd to award MVP to someone who was traded midway through the season. Even so, it's still a rare occurrence but Lindberg (S40) and Jarvi (S53) are two players who followed Rafter's lead since.



2 capped TPE goes to:

gorlab @gorlab

Beketov @Beketov

Enorama @Enorama

OrbitingDeath @OrbitingDeath

Tuktukthegreat @TukTukTheGreat

McWolf @McWolf

Kekzkrieg @Kekzkrieg

GustavMattias @GustavMattias

Berocka @berocka

Banana2311 @Banana2311

philliefan @Philliefan

Snussu @Snussu

ItsMcLovin @ItsMcLovin

Telkster @Telkster

Esso2264 @Esso2264

Thatguy91 @Thatguy91

nethi99 @nethi99

Cxsquared @Cxsquared

Steve  @Steve

Juddy @Juddy

JeffD @JeffD

Patpou22 @Patpou22


Greg_Di @Greg_Di

Phil @Phil

R jubis @R Jubis

majesiu @majesiu

HenrikZoiderberg @HenrikZoiderberg

Edustava @Edustava

.sniffuM @.sniffuM

DoktorFunk @DoktorFunk

Jayrad28 @Jayrad28

Liberty_cabbage @Liberty_Cabbage

enigmatic @enigmatic

bluesfan55 @bluesfan55

leafsman @leafsman

Uphillmoss @uphillmoss

Beaviss @Beaviss

Poptart @Poptart

Mr_Hatter @Mr_Hatter

11 Eleven @11 Eleven

Jbeezy76 @Jbeezy76

Acydburn @Acydburn

Erik Summers @Erik Summers

Quik @Quik

Jubo07 @Jubo07

Sonnet @Sonnet

Tbeezy99 @Tbeez99

studentized @studentized

BarzalGoat @BarzalGoat

Jaku @Jaku

Tagger @Tagger

MexicanCow123 @MexicanCow123

KC Philip @KC Philip

Jtv123 @Jtv123

Motzaburger @Motzaburger

okocha5 @okocha5

rjfryman @rjfryman

Tape-to-Tape @Tape-to-Tape

Tate @Tate

Fire_In_Babylon @Fire_In_Babylon

DilIsPickle @DilIsPickle

DMaximus @DMaximus

Sharkstrong @Sharkstrong

Ahma @Ahma

Josh @Josh

VanCanWin @VanCanWin

Apoc_Chaos @Apoc_Chaos

SidTheKid87 @SidTheKid87

Dalton Wilcox @Dalton Wilcox

Velevra @Velevra

Anthony Matthews @Anthony Matthews

NumberJ5 @NumberJ5

Renomitsu @Renomitsu

sjs88speed @sjs88speed

Matmenzinger @Matmenzinger

Tomato Soup @Tomato Soup

FonziGG @fonziGG


ComplexRevo @ComplexRevo

funkydave @funkydave

BladeMaiden @BladeMaiden

HulkHogan @HulkHogan

Elmebeck @Elmebeck

JohnOQuinn @JohnOQuinn

diacope @diacope

SDCore @SDCore

Smarch @Smarch

Brrbisbrr @Brrbisbrr

wcats @wcats

Kyle @Kyle

Matt_O @Matt_O

BigBallerFromDownUnder @BigBallerFromDownUnder

Midnite @Midnite

Oilmandan @oilmandan

Nykonax @Nykonax

Grape @Grape

SlapshotDragon @SlapshotDragon

monkeywrench15 @monkeywrench15

Donno100 @Donno100

Hughjas_ @HughJas_

Joubo @Joubo

DangerGolding @DangerGolding

Strooper99 @Strooper99

Rayzor_7 @Rayzor_7

Infernal @Infernal

Apoc_Chaos @Apoc_Chaos

Chris Murphy @Ckbruinfan - use your username please

Briedaqueduc @Briedaqueduc

DollarAndADream @DollarAndADream

Bushito @Bushito

MacH @MacH

FrostBeard @FrostBeard

Omgitshim @omgitshim

Sebster03 @Sebster03

73MPL4R @73MPL4R

SweetMike666 @SweetMike666

funkydave @funkydave

Bruins10 @Bruins10

Patrik Tallinder @Patrik Tallinder

flyersfan1453 @flyersfan1453

Peace @Peace

TheLastOlympian07 @TheLastOlympian07

Xdpark @xDParK

littleboi @littleboi

CowboyinAmerica @CowboyinAmerica

stevo @stevo

jRuutu @jRuutu

Saelven88 @Saelven88

hewasajazzman @hewasajazzman

TacticalHammer @TacticalHammer

chillzone @chillzone

Kylrad @Kylrad

Sade @Sade

Walter Fizz @Walter Fizz

Big Mac @Big Mac

hedgehog337 @hedgehog337

Benson @Benson

Zeno @Zeno

fever95 @fever95

LefLop @LefLop



1 capped TPE goes to:

Elhandon @Elhandon

Frank @Frank

ViperXhawks19 @Viperxhawks19

Cartoes @cartoes

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