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VHL Insight Vol I: Rookie Edition [1/2]


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Welcome to the first edition of VHL Insight: Rookie Edition. Today we are sitting down with a familiar face who has recently moved his way up into the VHL after an impressive start in the VHLM, Micha Sage. Sage was drafted 16th overall by the New York Americans, and currently is playing third line minutes. We caught him after a team practice, and we were eager to once again poke the mind of the rookie and get his thoughts on life in the VHL.

Micha, thank you for joining us again and having a chat with us. You've made it to the VHL! How different has the change been for you, and are you finding difficulty in settling in?


MS: Hey, thanks again. It feels great to finally be in the VHL. Being here is a huge culture shock for me, I guess. The VHL is so different from being in the VHLM in just about everything you do. Practices are different, meetings are different, even team meals are different. And don't get me started on travelling...it's just a whole new world for me and I think it's sort of caught me off guard. On top of being in a new country, and sort of getting used to how people live here is a lot to take in. So, yeah, I'd say I am having a bit difficulty adjusting to life.


You touched a lot of points, especially that the life in the VHL is hugely different than it is in the VHLM. Do you attribute the low scoring and assist totals on the troubles you're having adjusting to the new life, or are you having a slow start?


MS: Yeah ten points in twenty-one games played is rough, at least by my standards. I think part of it has to do with my troubles to adjusting here, but I also think it's just the talent pool in the VHL is so deep, it's hard to keep afloat. That's not to say there wasn't huge talent in the VHLM, because there is, but it's just a whole new world of talent here. You have guys who have been here awhile, who know the ropes, are set on a routine and have passed that sort of 'Freshman Shock' period in their career. I'd like to say it's a slow start, and the best is yet to come, I know I am capable of it I just hope my team and the coaching staff see that, too. 


You're on a team that has been rebuilding, adding and removing players in hopes of being contenders in the near future. Do you feel the team is there, or are you guys a season or more out from hitting that full powerhouse potential? 

MS: I think we have a good team around us right now, and we're floating in the middle of the pack kind of. As far as being in a rebuild stage still or not, it's not for me to say. I don't mind being on a team

that's trying to rebuild and gain new players; it gives me a chance to get used to life here, and progress my game a bit more at a relaxed pace. Although, at some point, I need to step up. I am aware of that.

Has anyone taken you under their wing, so to speak, and showed you the ways of how to go about life in the VHL? I know you have been pretty active on social media mentioning Americans D-Man Guy LeGrande a few times. Is there sort of a bromance going on there?

MS: Yeah, LeGrande is great. I guess he's taken me under his guidance and make sure I don't do anything silly to mess up what I have going for me. I think the biggest thing for me is just...getting used to it all. He's been pretty helpful, even inviting me for some dinner and a movie a few times. It definitely helps to have that person making sure you're playing to your full potential, and that no chance goes wasted. Bromance? Sure, I guess -laughing-. He's just been great, as a teammate and as a mentor. 



Sage (Left) and teammate, LeGrande (Right) during warm-ups


Speaking of LeGrande, he's currently leading the team in assists and points. What are you thoughts on that?


MS: He's stepping up as a D-Man and really laying it all out there. I think this year is going to be his breakout year, in all honesty. It's really cool to have someone of his talent and caliber make noise right out of the gate at the beginning of the season. I really see great things from him, and like I said, he's been a great mentor. 


Thanks for taking the time to sit and chat with us again, Micha. I hope you start to come around sooner rather than later and life gets a bit easier for you in the VHL. That wraps it up for this edition of VHL Insight. Tune in next time, thanks for reading, and until then, we'll see you. 


Word Count: 835 Submitting for week ending in 9/29

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I felt this to be a reasonably realistic look into a new VHL depth player's experience into their rookie season - especially on a team that has depth/youth in spades. The way you communicate from Micha's point of view is also pretty realistic for a young player who's still finding his way in the league. Keep it up!

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