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Saskatoon Wild - Player Milestones & Some thoughts. [1/2]

David O'Quinn

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The following players have important career milestones coming up. 


Julian Blackthorn 

Single Season PPG - So far, with a PPG average of 1.11, Blackthorn is on pace for a VHLM career year. This high PPG average ties into another milestone;

Single Season PTS  - If Blackthorn continues at his pace, he pass his career high in single season points.

Career PTS - Blackthorn is likely to pass the 100 PT mark, if he continues this pace.

Nate Telker 

Shots - Although quite a minor milestone, Telker is 3 shots away from his 100th shot in the VHLM.

Thomas Hasek

Games played - Hasek is 10 games from passing the 100 game mark.

Ondrej Ohradka 

Games played - Ohradka is 9 games from passing the 100 game mark.

Career PTS - Ohradka is likely to pass the 100 PT mark, if he continues this pace.



Some Thoughts

The Saskatoon Wild have had a rough start to the VHLM Regular season. While there is still a realistic chance that the team could sneak into the playoffs, as it stands, the team is solidly in with the leagues worst. But some of the members of the Saskatoon Wild have been hitting the mark personally, even if the team as a whole has suffered.


The Saskatoon wild is a team full of newcomers. With Seven rookies, and only one third year player, who can blame them for playing so poorly? As the year goes on, these misguided rookies may spring into action, and more importantly, into the playoffs. The promising Finnish rookie defenseman Fernando Jokinen has arguably been the best player on the entire team, and he hasn't had much support. His defensive partner is O'Quinn, an old and seemingly ineffective defenseman. The team's forward Corps has had more luck, but with the worst differential in the entire league, defense seems to be more pertinent. One could also argue that the lack of a full-time dedicated goaltender is in large part to blame for this. 


The future looks bright, however. With four first round picks, Sask. looks like, under the right management (it remains to be seen if it currently has it), that it could jump ahead next year. Their coaching staff has produced some good results so far, and time will tell if good drafting and coaching next year can project Sask. into VHLM Stardom. 


We decided to interview one of the team's rookies, the aforementioned O'Quinn, on the state of the team. 


Q. "Well. First, it's nice to meet you. As we ponder the current state of the team, and the future of the team, one has to ask: Is the issue with the players, or is it somewhere higher up?"

A. "Wo-ho, careful there. That question could get me into a lot of trouble", he said, laughing. "I don't think the issue is up top. The team is fresh, new... which isn't anyone's fault, really. It'll change over time. I think by the end of the season, the team will be playing a lot better than it had been at the start. I hope so, anyways"


Q. "It sounds like you think the future is very bright with Sask. If you could choose where you will play next year, right now, would you choose Sask., or would you want to move to a team with better immediate prospects?"

A. "Well, this is my first home in the VHLM. Maybe it isn't as close to home as i'd like it to be, playing for Halifax would be great for my family. But this team doesn't cut corners, and when you mess up you're told why, and how to fix it. It's a good organization and I wouldn't up and leave if given the chance."

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Glad to have you back in the league! I think your choice of topic is pretty valuable - lots of GMs won't look much past the first 10-20 picks nowadays, and bringing the spotlight to your teammates is important. The only comments I have with respect to grammar/spelling are as follows: you have a few randomly capitalized mid-sentence words (Seven, Corps) and the opposite (looks like, under the right management). Otherwise, I felt your content was a nice read!

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