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The fall of Canadian Forwards?

David O'Quinn

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While Canada has ruled hockey for all of known history, even when hockey was played by gods themselves, some weird occurrences have shown themselves recently. Down under in the rough and ragged VHLM, only one of the top five scorers is Canadian. As always, top scorer himself is the Canadian, the Las Vegas Ace's reliable sniper Jeff Tates, the next Canadian being #6 Brock Louth, a reliable offensive defenseman skating out of Mississauga, then similarly the high strung playmaking Alyksander Hunter, down at #10. So where did all the Canadians go? It seems like these days there are more Finns, Swedes and Danes than there ever was Canadians.


Thankfully, it looks good on the prospect end of things. This week, the top two earners were two Canadian Defensemen Saskamoose and OQuinn. But it remains that these are defenseman, not forwards, and the fall of Canadian offense seems to have become inevitable, in this cruel, cruel world.

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