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Hiroshi Okada jealous of Benny Graves


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Hiroshi Okada thought that he had reached god-tier status with his one point per game but after taking a moment to look at other players' statistics, he realized he might not be there yet.


The VHLM's 68th season is well underway and some players are starting to run away from the competition when it comes to points total. One such player is Benny Graves of the Las Vegas Aces, who totalizes 42 points in 21 games, which is, we'll admit it, pretty damn good.


"He prays so much mole than me, it's onry nolmar that he gets mole points", Okada explained, barely containing his rage at the thought of not being the best.


We'd like to mention that Graves plays 27.97 minutes per game to Okada's 27.86, so we doubt that's the actual reason why Benny Graves does so much better.


At this point, the entire Philly squad is just looking for solutions to hopefully qualify for the playoffs. They are currently third to last, which would exclude them from the series.

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Thanks for the shoutout.. I'm pretty lucky to have been on a line with Tates. Him and Graves seem to have a good connection, that can really be the difference maker. @PotatoKing is leading the league in points and you can see almost all of our points we are the primary assists on eachother.


Okada's numbers are still really good. You have a good up and coming linemate in Panther - so by the end of the season I bet you'll be above point per game ;)

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