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(S69) LW - Jeffery Jefferson, TPE: 30

Jeffery Jefferson

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Saskatchewan, more than a mouthful.


Welcome to the league @Jeffery Jefferson! May I call you Jeff²?

I am the Assistant GM to Saskatoon Wild, and as you have missed the draft you're eligible as a free agent (waiver claim) and can listen to offers from teams interested in signing you. (I was in same position as you during my first season, and I can tell you from experience that it's better to be able to choose your destiny, and that is the freedom you are now offered. :) )

Here at the Saskatoon Wild (situated in a small town with about 1/4th of the population of the whole of Saskatchewan) we're still building up our roster for the ongoing season, and even though we will probably not finish top of the league standings at the end of the season, I believe that with your addition to Saskatoon we have a chabce to reach the playoffs!


Nothing beats the feeling of winning as an underdog.

We're also perfectly setup to have a great season next year, this will just be the first stepping stone.

If you choose to join the Saskatoon Wild, we can offer competitive minutes on the ice from the get go, and a promise that you will have a chance to work your way up the lines during the season if you're dedicated and remain active. 

We boast a roster full of extremely knowledgeable people with steady resources in our locker room that will take care of you during the season, and the sky is the limit, only determined by your ambition level. Please feel free to ask us questions here on the thread post, as a Direct Message, or you can message our GM or me on Discord, and I do hope you will consider joining us this season!

Whatever team you choose, I want you to enjoy your time here at VHL so please feel free to reach out to me regardless of your decision.

Good luck in your career and we look forward to watching you perform on a nightly basis Jeff²!

GM @Peace (Discord: MrZPeace#0598)
AGM @Elmebeck (Discord: VerloreneSiege#9910)

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Welcome to the league @Jeffery Jefferson!


I'm Nyko, GM of the 3rd year expansion team Mexico City Kings. We can offer 2nd line minutes and special teams time. We also have an active discord locker room, with players and alumni. Our team has many sim league veterans, who can answer any questions you have about the league! In the past draft we picked up a ton of top tier talent with our many picks, and will be favourites for the cup this season.


If you'd like to join the Kings, please quote this offer and say accepted! I hope to see you on the team.


Have fun and good luck,






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Hi there @Jeffery Jefferson and welcome to the league! I'm Berocka, AGM of the Mississauga Hounds, and I want you as our newest recruit.


We are looking extremely strong this season with our GM @GustavMattias making some great moves in the off season and now. We are a contender this year and I think you can help fill in the gaps. I started off like you and I joined the Hounds my first season and I don't regret it one bit. The locker room is full of great people willing to help you out or just have a good conversation.


I can offer you 3rd line minutes and a whole lot of fun.


If you'd like to join the team, feel free to quote my offer and say "accepted," and I'll get you a contract and put you in the lineup immediately.


Welcome to the league let me or GustavMattias know if you have any questions and see you on the ice.


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Hello and welcome to the league @Jeffery Jefferson my name is MexicanCow and i am the AGM of San Diego! 


We are about 20 games into the season and we have a record of 9-10-1. We are looking to be a competitive team and you are one of the last pieces we need in order to win. If you join San Diego you will be on the second line with PP and PK time. With lots of opportunity to move up if you grow! In the meantime, you can pad your stats, showcase your talents and join what will be an active locker-room.


If you have any question don't hesitate to ask me or the GM @InstantRockstar we're here to help! Good luck in your career and i'll see you on the ice !


Quote this and say "I accept" if you want to join San Diego! 



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Welcome to the league @Jeffery Jefferson!


I can officially offer you a 3rd line role on Halifax! We’re gunning for a strong finish to the season! If this offer sounds appealing, quote this and say “Accepted.”


I look forward to seeing your players career!

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