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Mr. Nax, the Criminal


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Mexico City, Mexico 12:53AM


The hunt continues for Mexico’s most wanted drug dealer Nyko Nax (@Nykonax). Oh, and GM of the Mexico City Kings VHLM team. Nyko Nax is wanted in connection with the Sinola Cartel in the Guadalajara region of Mexico. Mr. Nax has had several “business” trip which he claims “were focused on the branding of hockey in Mexico.” The issue here, was the discorvery of $10M US in his carry-on, as well as several shipping containers addressed to his name, filled with methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana. 


Mr. Nax is accused of smuggling copious amounts of drugs into Canada and the US via the hockey bags of his, unknowing, players. The players who have been pulled aside at US & Canadian Customs include: Ryan Busser (@diacope), Guy Lesieur (@KC Philip), David Clarkson (@Jacob Kundrat), Alyksander Hunter (@Jaku), Little RiDog (@LittleRiDog), and lasty, Shush Nyko (@SDCore). Each player has a unique stench in their gear that throws off the dogs; however, the dogs adapted over time, as good doggos do, and found the drugs on the last several road trips. 


Mr. Nax is a wanted criminal and if you have information please contact @Banackock to ensure the drugs get in safe hands. If you see Mr. Nax, please approach with caution, take the drugs & money, and hand deliver them to @BanackockI cannot stress this enough. Please make sure all drugs go to @Banackock for investigation purposes. 


Word Count: >200

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1 hour ago, Banackock said:

Yes plz send me all the drugs so I can smell and taste test them for science thanks

Bring them to the magical forest please.


Also not sharing with the rest of us is another reason why Nyko should be fired.

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