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I was going to do a podcast this week but that's too much work


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I asked the Hounds lockeroom for some questions to answer in a podcast this week for VHL Radio however I am lazy and have now decided to answer said question in a VHL.com article. So, question 1:


Guy Saskamoose: Did you ever think hockey would lead to you learning cricket?


For those of you who don't know, @berocka is hosting a mostly VHL based cricket sim which is awesome and one of the more interesting experiences I've had here. As for the actual question, I never thought any situation I would end up in would lead to me learning cricket, so no.


Gustav: Does being on the Hounds change your former "Halifax for life" mentality?


Yes and no, as much as I love the Hounds for their active LR and great people, Halifax has always been my #1 and likely always will. It's okay though because @fonziGG couldn't draft a team capable of stopping Kidd, Wang and Louth.


Lukas Schweitzer: How did you react to the news that Berocka is alt-right?


I just can't win with these teams can I, Hali is a satanist cult now and the Hounds are a bunch of fascists. Maybe I should just retire again.


Lukas Schweitzer: What volcano should we throw Gustav into?


Ah, I can remember the name right now, I think it was in Nemo, uhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna look it up hold on...

I couldn't find the one I was looking for but there are 5 underwater volcanoes near Australia all named Rumble so likely one of those so Berocka can help us easier.


Lukas Schweitzer: What's your least favorite thing about Gustav?


God I fucking hate the way his lips aren't constantly pressed against mine like can you believe this asshole?


@Cxsquared @GlowyGoat @GustavMattias


Somehow this is 290 words so gimme TPEs

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I actually really enjoyed podcasting back when I did it, just don’t have the time or the need anymore. Mind you I also podcasted while playing CoD but still.

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