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Travis Boychuk

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Travis Boychuk Struggles



Travis Boychuk is frustrated as of late, with his team not finding a grasp on a win streak. The kind of dedication he puts into his game, he puts most of the blame on himself. 


Travis Boychuk: "I am just having a hard time getting decent points lately. It is not like I am not scoring, as I get some here and there.....but it not coming how it did awhile back. The bounces aren't going my way for whatever reason. Lucky for me this Outlaws roster is solid and we have other guys scoring goals while I am not."


Something can be said about the type of guy Boychuk is. He really wants to perform throughout his whole career and he puts a lot of effort into his game. The guy spends most of his free time doing hockey related things. It could be a case of needing a breath of fresh air. It is something that we at VHL.com will keep an eye on heading forward. 


Travis Boychuk: "Through this last stretch here I am hoping to get my game back on track to where I want it to be. Hard work pays off, and I've been working hard."

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