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Taylor Wedding


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It appears big changes have come to Kameron Taylor and not just in the hockey world. Contrary to popular belief from a rumour started on Twitter, Taylor is not married to his right hand. Kameron, who has been with his fiancé for close to four years finally decided to tie the knot with the young lady. Vanessa Day who is an actress and has starred in TV shows like Suits with Gabriel Macht as well as Pretty Little Liars. Day and Taylor met when Kameron played a game with Cologne in the "Big Apple" four years ago against the Americans. The wedding is set for this summer in the Fullerton, California where Vanessa is originally from. Taylor is in his second to last year in the Victory Hockey League as he has let the media know. Invites to the wedding have yet to be sent out, but Taylor knows his mother-in-law is on the case.


*Hopefully someone actually gets the reference to Vanessa Day and why I would pick her.

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