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There’s a new training fad cropping up in the Hounds locker room. I’m talking about Cricket. Recently multiple members of the Mississauga Hounds have taken to the sport for a little training, and fun. We caught up with Hounds defensemen Guy Sasakamoose to talk about it.


Our AGM turned us on to the sport. It started with most of us watching it with him then somehow we got involved. Turns out Cricket is some great exercise so we decided to spend some of our training time by playing a few games. I really have no idea how we got here. When I got to the VHLM I expected to live and breath hockey but now I’m playing Cricket. It’s a nice distraction and I think it’s made my hockey game even better.


It’s always interesting to see what these farm league players get up to. I’ve heard that if you want to learn more about Cricket and experience what it’s like you should get in contact with the Hounds AGM @berocka.

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