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VHLM Draft Predictions (1st round only) [1/2]

David O'Quinn

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As we reach the halfway point through the VHL & VHLM seasons, one cannot help but have the draft on their mind. From the league-balancing VHLM Dispersal draft to the prospective VHL Amateur Entry draft, draft's are important all around. Let's start by identifying the difference between the drafts.




The VHL Amateur Entry Draft


The VHL's draft is an entry draft. What this means is that the main avenue for youngsters and older rookies to enter the league is through the draft. While it is not the only avenue for players, the best players will almost exclusively enter the league through the draft. The Draft consists of up to 7 rounds, each composed of 12 picks. The draft order is decided via reversing the standings, as well as a lottery for the first overall pick between the four worst, non-playoff teams.



The VHLM Dispersal Draft


The VHLM's only draft is a dispersal draft. This means that the only avenue of entry into the VHLM for first-year players is though being independently signed by teams. The draft consists of up to ... 7? 8? 15? rounds (its inconsistent), comprised of 11 picks each, where players who's rights are already held in the league are potentially drafted to new teams, for the sake of league parity, fairness, and equality of opportunity. The draft order is decided via reversing the standings, as well as a lottery for the first overall pick between the four worst, non-playoff teams.



Predicting the VHLM Dispersal Draft


These are my predictions for the VHLM's Dispersal draft based on the current players available to be drafted into it. This will almost certainly change as players are recreated.


1. Saskatoon Drafts - David OQuinn, D - 90 TPE

Not only has this Canadian defenseman expressed interest in returning to Saskatoon, but he also seems to be the best player currently poised to be in the dispersal draft.

2. Saskatoon Drafts - Carryover a Nation, G - 58 TPE

Saskatoon seems to have plans for the cup, and they can't do that without an active goaltender. This goaltender will almost certainly go high in this draft, and has already climbed the draft rankings and at unprecedented rate. Saskatoon will capitalize on this.

3. Saskatoon Drafts - RJ Rubis, LW - 70 TPE

Another returning Saskatoon player, SSK will take a forward to balance out their two previous picks. 

4. Philadelphia Drafts - Oskar Lagesson, D - 84 TPE

This nifty Swedish defenseman will fall due to positional drafting.

5. Las Vegas Drafts - Justin Goodhope, LW - 65 TPE

Goodhope and Reegsman are interchangable, but both will go between 5-7.

6. Yukon Drafts - Kevin Reegsman, D - 65 TPE

See #5

7. Halifax Drafts - Boris Boris, G - 62 TPE

This Polish goaltender will end up with the humid, horribly named Halifax 21sts. ?

8. Mississauga Drafts - Gary Tarantino, RW - 59 TPE

The winners spoils, Gary Tarantino is the first of two Mississauga 1st rounders.

9. Las Vegas Drafts - Nicolas Fumba, G - 52 TPE

The third, but not final goalie to go in the first round, Fumba will end up in Vegas.

10. Saskatoon Drafts Jack Russel, C - 48 TPE

The first center in this draft will go to Saskatoon, giving Saskatoon one position for each of their four first round picks.

11. Mississauga Drafts Bruce Theodore, G - 46 TPE

The final pick for both the first round, and Mississauga will be goaltender Bruce Theodore.



583 Words

Using 1st Gen Doubles on this for the week ending in 10/6/2019



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Nice breakdown of each draft type. Would have liked a bit more detail on each player you’ve ranked but overall it is well done. Interesting to see a goalie almost crack the top 10!

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