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Hyper Intelligent Bears Dance at Game


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The Seattle Bears recently held a night where they would allow people to come and pet real, live Bears in a petting zoo. Concern was mounting as the day drew closer and closer, but the bears seemed to be in good spirits and nothing seemed to be an issue. Disaster finally struck when a small child managed to break into one of the bear enclosures. "It was a nightmare," said one of the onlookers. "A small child in there with a giant bear. I was so scared for that kid." The kid managed to escape, but not before letting the bear out of his enclosure. The bear then, somehow, managed to free the remaining bears. They all marched single file into one of the dressing rooms, put on suits, and marched down to the ice during the Seattle Bears game, and proceeded to interrupt the game with a coordinated dance. "I'm amazed no one got hurt," said one fan. "The bears were so polite, and their dancing was amazing."




Image result for bears in suits

Artist's Rendition



No word on how this managed to happen, but it's clear that these bears were some kind of hyper-intelligent super bears. We reached out to government officials at Area 51 for comment. We have yet to be contacted back yet, so this all but confirms our theory. 

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