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The Old White Rhino - Part 4


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The Old White Rhino - Part 4


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"Vladmir! Vladmir! Don't you hang up on me goddamnit or by Putin's pull-ups I'll have you flogged!" Aleksei shouted into his mobile phone as he paced the cobblestones outside of his hotel, lit only by an old-fashioned streetlamp and the glow of the stars. It was three in the morning and he was at his best, "the child is worth his borscht, he's the next Frostbeard I tell you! A guarenteed winner!"


Lights began to turn on in windows as his shouting increased, drapes parted and concerned eyes looked out onto the man walking back and forth with purpose, but not one word of protest was said. The citizens of Prague knew that braver people had disappeared over less. All eyes were on Aleksei as he wore a divet into the rough narrow streets, his ten pound cell phone in one hand, a snifter in the other, and fire in his eyes. 


"I don't care about assists Vladmir! Assists do not win games! I care about goals. GOALS! I need another Draper @Infernal! I need another Miniti @Zeno! It doesn't matter that he has twenty five assists, you get that makeup-faced captain of yours to make his face up into a player that SCORES GOALS!"


Aleksei threw the phone to the ground with force enough to shatter its plastic shell in all directions, bits of char and smoke rising from where they fell. "By Babushka's Cabbage, GET ME SOMEONE TO SCORE GOALS!"


He realized he was yelling into his glass of vodka. 


Aleksei looked up, saw the eyes looking down upon him, huffed with indignity, performed a heel turn, and entered the hotel. A fresh glass was waiting for him at the bar, along with a box score sheet and a nub of a pencil.  The bartender gave Aleksei a wink as he replaced the vodka bottle, wiping down the counter dutifuly. He nodded, sat down, and began scribbling beside the names on the score sheet. They'd find a way out of this.


340 words

TPE for week ending October 6

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Oh now it’s pick on the captain day ? ? I see how it is Turdberg! ?Don’t worry I will eventually get to double digits in goals. I only need 3 more. Judging from my past seasons I get hot halfway through the season. The time is now ?

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