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Vancouver Making Moves

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The Vancouver Wolves are not very far removed from Winning the Continental Cup. To be honest, the Wolves have made the finals in back to back seasons with 1 win. The Wolves are looking to get back to the finals for a 3rd straight season and winning it in back to back years. The Wolves brass just made two trades. Let's look at the moving parts.


To Davos


S69 DAV 2nd


To Vancouver

Aston Martin

S69 VAN 3rd


The Wolves and Dynamo complete yet another trade. This is what the 5th trade between the two teams in about 2 1/2 seasons? Idk, maybe I'm wrong but they have traded a lot. This trade sees the Wolves moving on from Gritty. Gritty has a controversial player agent so knowing he only has 1 season left on his contract, the Wolves decided to move on instead of possibly dealing with @eaglesfan036s antics during contract negotiations. The 2nd was acquired in a previous deal as was the VAN 3rd so they were just returned to the regular owners. Aston Martin was looked to be the leader of the offense in Davos but he has failed to live up to expectations so he was shipped off to Vancouver to join fellow underperformer Shawnomir Jagr. He is a wildcard in this trade because if he can find his groove like Dylan Strome going from Arizona to Chicago, this will be a steal for Vancouver.


Aston Martin has 16 points in 39 games while also having 54 points in 111 career games. He is a young player but the Dynamo are in the midst of a playoff push and needed a older player to step up and create more offense. Gritty has 34 points in 40 games this season in Vancouver and has 134 points in 256 career games and is having a career season. It seems to be a case of selling high and buying low for GM Beavis.


To Calgary

S69 TOR 1st

S70 DAV 1st


To Vancouver

Diljodh Starload

S70 CGY 3rd

S70 CGY 4th


Vancouver gave the Wranglers 2 1sts for Starlord and 2 late round picks. The Toronto 1st is a mid round pick while next years Dav pick has some interest as it could be mid round but unless Davos can't keep up with the rest of the Euro, they could be in a spot to have it be a lottery pick. The 3rd and 4th are just filler to make Beav feels better and trade to other GM's to make them feel better. The star of this trade is Starlord. He has been somewhat of a thorn in the side of Vancouver and he has been on the bad side of these 1st round playoff losses to the Wolves. So Beav decides to help a bro out and trade for him as he wasn't getting to glory in Calgary.


Starlord has put up 39 points in 40 games while putting up 224 in 256 games. This beefs up the offense in Vancouver and will help the Wolves have two solid scoring lines. Now if only some players would improve (Jagr).


So basically this was Starlord, Martin, 2 fillers picks for Gritty and 2 1sts. I think that is a pretty even trade for the Wolves, they get two solid players while giving away a solid player and 2 mid round picks. Not bad Beav, not Bad.

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