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(S69) RW - Garrett Bates, TPE: 30


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3 minutes ago, GBatesy25 said:

Player Information

Username: GBatesy25

Player Name: Garrett Bates

Recruited From: Other (Twitter)

Age: 18

Position: RW

Height: 71 in.

Weight: 190 lbs.

Birthplace: United States of America


Player Page




Welcome to the league!


Let me know if you need any help getting started or if you have any questions!


if you like to talk hockey or want to talk about league going ons check out our discord channel!

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Hi @GBatesy25. Welcome to the VHL! Thanks for joining this awesome league. I'm sure Garrett Bates is set to have an amazing career with you leading them. Your career will start with you joining a minor league team in the VHLM. Right now you will receive additional offers from other VHLM teams. Please take your time to accept an offer for the team that best fits you.


I'm the GM of the Philadelphia Reapers, Season 66 champions! The Reaper overlords have taken a look at Garrett Bates and have ruled that he would make a great addition to our team. We need a superstar forward to help lead us into the playoffs. Imagine being the top star in the city of Philadelphia! You would never have to buy a cheesesteak again! Plus you get to be a Reaper and kill people and steal their souls and all that fun stuff.


This is an offer from the Reaper organization to Garrett Bates to join the Philadelphia Reapers. 


To Accept just quote this post and say "I want to be a Reaper!"

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  • Commissioner

Hey @GBatesy25 ,


Welcome to the VHL, some of the other GM's may present some offers as well. I am the GM of the Ottawa Lynx, and we won the Founder's Cup last season! We're in need of some more forwards! We're not going to be competitive this season but I can guarantee you first line minutes with PP/PK time to get some experience in the league!  If you would like to be a part of the Lynx just quote this post and say Accepted!


Even if you choose another team, I wish you luck in your career! 

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Hello there @GBatesy25 and welcome to VHL!

 When it comes to teams where you would want to play at, Houston is the place where wins and fun meets amazing people! We are offering you a spot on our roster that is planning to compete for the Founder's Cup in VHLM! We are the team that already has a quality list of players, so what we can offer is 3rd forward line ice-time and a chance to grow with many talented players around! Let's make our journey better together!

We are the best team in VHLM right now so you have great chances at not only winning but making history!


Be sure to wait for other offers too, to see what suits best your needs on ice!


In the end, no matter what team you choose I wish you the best is your VHLM/VHL career and I truly hope to see you around! 


GM John Frostbeard

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