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The Music of the VHL #4


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The Music of the VHL
By  A. Simon-Cowell-Type


Part 4


Welcome back to another edition of The Music of the VHL! Last week we took a look at one of the two new expansion teams this season. Let’s continue that this week, as we head to the capital of the United States for a look at the DC Dragons. 


DC Dragons @Enorama
In a Sentimental Mood, Duke Ellington (with John Coltrane)


Although the Duke was based in NYC for much of his career, the jazz icon was born in Washington DC. Usually we try and link up the song chosen with the current status of the team; we can still do that, but in this case we just had to go with this instrumental piece from two legends of jazz. Ellington was supported by the dulcet tones of saxophonist savant John Coltrane, and wow, if it isn’t something special. The song, as it’s title suggests, evokes a distinctly sentimental mood, with a shift into gear around the two minute mark. Although DC has not had the dream start to a team’s existence, there must be some amount of sentimentality that surrounds the organization. After all, what better could there be than setting all the team records right off the bat? 


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned next week for more coverage!

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