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Team Europe WJC GM: "On paper the other teams have nothing on us, up to us to lose this."


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Ahead of announcing the rosters GM Elmebeck was caught on a Danish radio station saying that "Europe should easily win this."

When asked about why that was, when Team World has done so well last year he dropped the bomb,

-To be honest I think World looks worst out of the lot, quite a bit worse than Asia. USA looks to be in the middle and Canada looks good, but Europe looks amazing.

-How do you mean amazing? 

-A difference of almost 40 TPA between 1st and 2nd team in mean TPA, a 100 TPA difference between Europe and World.

-So you're confident you'll win?

[Elmebeck laughs]
-Not at all. Not at all. I've been involved in hockey for long enough to know that's not a given. I do feel it's up to us to lose it though, we're just that much better. 
...on paper.

-But it will be a good tournament?

-The best one in a long time.

Edited by Elmebeck
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