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S68 Team Europe Roster


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Team Europe's proud selection!

Guys, if you got tagged, join us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/fc6kAZb or reach out to me at VerloreneSiege#9910


C Frans Eller @Ace 
C Kaspars Claude @Bruins10
C Balentine Kidd @TukTukTheGreat

LW Teemu Lehtinen Jr @Sixersfan549
LW Sigard Gunnar @Big Mac
LW Soren Jensen @Velevra

RW Owen Nolan @studentized
RW Mac Hooper @MacH
RW Roadkill Steve @stevo

D Wolf Stanson Jr @Cornholio
D Fredrik Elmebeck @Elmebeck
D Pierre Persson @Dominus89

G Thorvald Gunnarsson @Saelven88
G Toppi Attakallio @Bobby Bummhole


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