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S68 Team Asia Roster


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First off Thank You to the commissioners ( @Banackock @fonziGG @rjfryman) for giving me a shot at being GM of Team Asia. First time being a GM and so far it has been a great experience.

For Team Asia my goals for the players are simple. Have fun, showcase your talent to the league and lets bring home a medal. We may be underdogs but I believe we have what it takes to bring something home. This year's team is compromised of a mix of players. While we did not have a full list of eligible players strictly from Asia, we managed (through some DNA testing) to find players from other nationalities that have a percentage of Asian DNA in them which made them eligible to play for this year's team.


For more information on Team Asia's GM, you can find the info here Team Asia GM announcement

Now for the Team announcement, your starting roster for this years Team Asia is:

C : Hiroshi Okada @enigmatic
C : Edu Stava @Edustava
C : Dagmar Havlova @diamond_ace
RW : Ryo Yamazuki II @Donno100
RW : Jerry Wang @ColeMrtz
RW : Kenji Hacimura @Dtayl

LW : Valery Morozov @Dangles13
LW : Jesse Nyman @Jesse Nyman
LW : Anthony Hawk @ahawk2191

Kefka Palazzo @diamond_ace
Keven Foreskin @Esso2264
Will Clarke @Will
Jacob Perry @Liberty_Cabbage

Clayton Park @leafssteen
Lukas Schweitzer @GlowyGoat

Congratulations to all, lets bring home a medal! Discord information will be sent out shortly.

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