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Dealing with the Devil: Robbie Zimmers PT.1


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Welcome to the first installment of the Exit Interview of Robbie Zimmers. Which I am calling Dealing with the Devil: Robbie Zimmers. Wordy yes. But oh fucking well. Each will have five to ten questions, depending on how many of the questions I want to answer. Let’s get this shit started.


1.       In the many years you have been here do you regret anything you said or did?

Oh asking the hard hitting questions right off the bat. I like that. Do I regret anything I said or did? First off that’s two questions you sneaky fuck. For most that’s the same answer but not for me. First off all the shit I did, was a calculated move. I “gamed” it out in my head before I did everything around here. If you think for a second that I didn’t plan to attack you, then you are sadly mistaken. There is a time and place for everything… well people say that. So going off that belief, there is a time and place for my attacks. I knew when to attack and did so in a hard hitting calculated attacks. So no I do not regret any attacks I did. Do I regret free agency fuckeries, fucking team over, bouncing around etc? HELL NO! That was all part of the show. Do I regret NY and Vegas? LOL are you fucking crazy? Those were my crowning achievements (beyond all the cups I have) NY was just fun to fuck around and Vegas was me proving that I can actually do the easy job of being a GM. I destroyed the VHLM and all you had a shit fit.


1b. Now onto the second part of your question. Do I regret anything I said? Sure, I’m human after all. Am I not? I may have said shit that was uncalled for, made you scratch your head and think “Did Robbie mean that?” Well guess what, I am here to tell you that no I didn’t mean it. It was all for show. Which comments am I talking about? Well comments like “I’m sorry” “I didn’t mean to say that/do that” that’s a sign of weakness. I am not sorry, I never was and never will be. Deal with it. Or not, I won’t be around here for much longer.


2.       Who in the league was your biggest enemy?

Biggest enemy? First off this is question three not two asshole! I’m only answering five today because this is just annoying. I’m literally only answering these because I am at the airport super early and have time before my wife and kids get here. (Really at airport) But to the question. Who is my biggest enemy? No one. Plain and simple. This is a online forum. An enemy is deeper then that. It’s a different type of hate. Sure @Bushito is a piece of shit that I wish would choke on a cock in a dirty bum town alley. But he is not an enemy. Hell I wouldn’t give him that praise. It’s an honour to be an enemy of mine. But enough about that human walking garbage. DT (Can't @ him because can't find him) and me had our battles but I’m sure we’re okay. @Kendrick, I don’t know where we stand but I’m pretty sure we’ve moved on. If not, well… maybe I should have been informed… Next question


3.       What is your favorite team off all time?

2000-2001 Colorado Avalanche. Team was stacked… Oh you wanted me to talk about the fake hockey league. Aren’t you a cocky fuck? You want me to talk about this league. I thought this was about me and not the stupid shitty fake league. Okay. Well over my many years around here, I’ve been on some stacked teams, or just fun locker rooms to be in. Which teams and which seasons? Do you not know me by now? I am very ignorant. I don’t care enough to have specifics. Any time spent on NY, Helsinki (The Sink), Riga, Davos, Toronto and yes @Banackock Seattle I had fun. But to truly answer the question properly, I’m an ego driven person so any team I am currently playing for is my favorite. So Helsinki this season, whatever season it is… Next and last question.


4.       Is your hate for Calgary real?

Does your mom have tits? No not vulgar enough. Does she have a pussy that she expelled you from? I do not hate the city. I actually have a condo there by the Saddledome. Which I never ever use. So no I do not hate the city. Nor do I actually hate the team/ players on the team. But I do not like the dumbass in charge. He fucked that team in so many ways, he does not have a winning track record. He should quit or get fired. It’s about time there was a change in Cow town.

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