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Michael Johnson Journal #96 probably (Malmo Edition)


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Officially, today marks the day that I'll comfortably admit that I'm slumping slightly. I've improved immensely, which is real nice! Still, though. I need to pick up in the next run of games. Malmo sits second right now, due to the pure offensive prowess of Matt Thompson and the rest of our offensive core. Still, we have a great defensive core that doesn't get as much recognition. Condor Adrienne has been absolutely outstanding and I knew he wouldn't blow up right out the gate, but he's starting to find his rhythm offensively and has been a huge rock on the defense next to Jerry Garcia. Both guys have been majorly dedicated to improving on both sides of the ice which has been a dream come true. Heh, maybe I'll give you a slight insight into how Malmo has been behind the scenes? Alright, this is happening.


Funny enough, I think I caught Condor teaching Jerry, outside of practice mind you, how to think more offensively on the ice. In return, I've seen Jerry teaching Condor how to be more defensively aware. Condor (@OrbitingDeath) is at 56 blocks this season (which is slightly more than half way through) whereas last season, he held 61 blocks in his entire season with the Reapers organization. Offensively,  Condor has slumped hard this season, but honestly, I know he's going to be an absolute stud. He's been putting in more work then anyone in the entire organization (including myself admittedly) and reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo's workrate which has lead him to becoming one of the best players all time.


Lets talk about Jerry Garcia (@GustavMattias) . Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. What a man. Half way through the season, Jerry has 33 points (6 goals and 27 assists) which is 7 points off of his entire points total last season. Condor has had such an offensive affect on him, it's unbelievable. He's also been working on his breakouts and passing every single morning before practice. Huge workrate on him as well, which has been incredible to see. He's already got his highest Power Play goals tally (nearly double by the way, sitting at 5) and he's sitting at a +20, which is a new record for him as well. Since he's joined Malmo, he's been on a team that was tanking, this is the first time all the pieces are coming together and we're seeing a dominating performance from him.


Okay, time to talk a little about Hugh (@HughJas_), Dude has been on an absolute tear. His rookie year has been outstanding on that 2nd defensive line that Malmo has some huge potential in a 2 punch with him and Rusty. Naturally, he's not going to get 92 points in the VHL (well atleast right out the gate) but he's been keeping cool on the ice every single time he's been on. He's got 60 shots blocked and last season, he had 68. He's taken more to the defensive game, which has been integral to my play. 


Matt Thompson (@Beketov) has been a stud. Do I need to say more? I mean he's been a fricken warrior this season for us. I honestly, don't have much to say, really. Like, I could spend 5 diary entries on how much we rely on him. He's been on such a tear that I expect him to blitz all his previous records. Forget about his on ice stats for a minute, he's been an absolute brilliant mentor for all of us and having a future hall of famer as a vet on your team is going to have a career long impact on us (#Thompson400).


Naturally, we'll speak about Matthew Materazo (@Matt_O) next. El capitano. Matt, this season is on par to complete another brilliant season under his belt. Right now, Thompson is scoring a lot of goals but Materazo has been scoring quite a bit himself. 17 goals and 19 assists has been huge for us and while it seems like he's statistically regressed, his play has improved immensely on the ice. He's been more physical on the ice and been a huge energy bunny within the team. He's also taking his ambassador duties to the next level, which has been huge for us. 


Phil Marleau (@Phil) has been incredible for us as well. He's been a huge physical presence in the side and and so has his penalty minutes. He seems to be taking less time in the box but been a huge presence on the ice physically. His offensive stats haven't shown here in the VHL yet, but they say that power forwards take time to develop and I think he's got all the right tools to become a dominant force within the league.


My man, TVL as we call him, Trevor Van Lagen (@VanCanWin). Easily, one of my bestest friends in this group. We've rode together through Halifax and now Malmo. He's going to demolish offensively this season, mark my words. He's centering the first line with Thompson which has, in part, been huge statistically for him but his confidence has never been at such a high before. He's a defensive forward scoring goals and getting assists, which is has been a major defining type of player for us. I do project his offensive stats will drop once Thompson retires, but I wouldn't be worried about that all all, he has all the tools to become a superstar in the league.


Alright, last but not least, we'll speak about Ryan Sullivan JR (@Advantage). Former defender converted to left winger, almost like the anti-Burns? I mean, what can I say. He's been a defensemen before, which is difficult to compare since he's about to blitz his offensive records. He's also got 2 shots blocked this season, which, I'll give him hell for later but also funny for a former all-star defender. He's 7 points away from blitzing his former scoring record at 63 points, and he's been thriving heavily with how well he skates and passes.


Okay, this ends my little insight into our team today, I don't want to give away a little too much. Malmo has been a great team to be a part of and you know, I love this city. I just wanted to highlight how hard every single person on this team has been working. Honestly, it's encouraging to know that every single one of us wants to improve on ourselves and with our teammates. I feel like this is the right organization for a young player to join. 



This is me signing off,

Michael Johnson


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