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Podrick Cast hits 800 career points


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Podrick Cast hit 800 career points earlier this week, now standing at 812 points in his almost 8 seasons of VHL hockey. It's a prestigious mark for VHL players and effectively a guarantee of a Hall of Fame induction (in fact, the highest amount of points for a player not in the HOF is 751 by Tyson Kohler). Only 24 players hit 800 points in VHL history before Cast, with the 26th likely being Matt Thompson assuming he gets 30 points in the final 30 games or so of the season.


Perhaps what makes the achievement even more impressive is two things – 1) I don't believe any other current player other than Cast and Thompson is on pace to hit 800 points although naturally that might change should the next generation break out soon, and 2) of those 24 previous 800-point club members, only 3 played out the majority of their careers in the last 20 seasons (Unassisted, Franchise Cornerstone, and Gabriel McAllister).


Whether that is an indication of the strengh of depth in the league or the lack of superstar talent (or both or the latter followed by the former) is up for debate. It is nonetheless a great achievement and I'm glad Cast got there, even in a low scoring era where more than ever it feels like TPE is not a guarantee of success. That 174-point season back in S62 meant 900+ points, even overtaking Mike Szatkowski for second all time, was within reach for a bit, but alas, expectations have had to be tempered. In the end, Cast will end with fewer points than either of my previous two forwards – Berger (882) and Chershenko (876) – but perhaps is actually the most impressive of the three.

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