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Wang hits Milestone 69th Point


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     We are now 40 games into the VHLM season and Hounds winger Jerry Wang has reached a season milestone. On pace to complete his first complete VHLM season, the Singaporean winger has racked up an impressive 69 points, nearly 1.75 PPG. This major accomplishment comes shrouded in discontent however, as when asked for comment we received a somewhat shocking answer from Wang.

     "It doesn't matter how many points I put up because Kidd will always be 'the better player'. It's bullshit, I'm out there busting my ass every night and buddy puts up one more point than me and he's the freaking messiah."
     Balentine Kidd, first line Hounds centerman and Wang's linemate, has put up 70 points over the 40 game stretch, the pair holding onto the league's 3rd and 4th place point leaders behind the deadly duo out of Vegas. Kidd has been marginally better throughout the season and is the more experienced player next to Wang.

     "Earlier this year we were tied for points. Tied. After the game Gustav walks his ass into the lockerroom going on about how Kidd is 'on pace to break Hound's point records' and singing his damn praises. What about me, Gustav? What about the pace I'm on?"

     Sentiments like these may have led to the sudden rise in popularity for the #OverthrowGustav movement, popularized by Hounds goaltender Lukas Schweitzer. Schweitzer's infamous aim of the #OverthrowGustav movement is to eventually throw Gustav into a volcano, an idea many can get behind.


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