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ECN's "VHL Now!" 13th Edition "Thompson, Jerwa and Calgary"


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ECN's "VHL Now!" 13th Edition

"Thompson, Jerwa and Calgary"

Another week has passed and we are again back with another edition of ECN’s “VHL Now!” were we are looking at interesting things, news and situations in VHL in this passed week. As always, if you have any suggestions, be sure to write so we know how to improve our content!

Matt Thompson is doing what?

Keeping us at ECN in complete shock, Matt Thompson is not only showing one of his best seasons goals wise, he is also leading Malmo past Riga and putting them in a position to become the best team in European Conference. If Matt Thompson’s production will not slow down we could see him finishing his career with similar stats that we saw from Gabriel McAllister, one of the best modern era players. When it comes to Matt Thompson, with him passing career 400 goal mark, he has put himself in a truly elite position and pushed himself to be looked at as the best goalscorer VHL has seen in past 20 seasons. And we haven’t even mentioned his all-time great two-way ability. ECN believes that what we are seeing from the amazing Matt Thompson is probably the best true Two-way forward ever, better than previously mentioned Gabriel McAllister. Legend that will be missed.

Piotr Jerwa, power-play hero!

We have had many great performances on PP this season from many well known and some new and upcoming player but what has struck many is the ability that we see from the amazing Piotr Jerwa. He has been one of the best players on DC Dragons, one of two of our most recent expansion teams, and has managed to score 16 of his 22 goals on power-play as a defenceman, can you believe that? He currently is having his best season in his VHL career with over Point-per-game and already has passed his best goal-scoring season in just 48 games played.

Calgary selling!

After early struggles, Calgary has decided to sell their star players as they sent Joel Ylonen and Diljodh Starload to Seattle and Vancouver respectively. Diljodh had a rough first day with his new team but now he seems to be effective and close to being PPG with his new team having 5 points in 6 games played. When it comes to our other hero Joel Ylonen, he has had a truly dominant start for Seattle after his return as he has managed to get 9 points in 7 games, a true turnaround after a very slow start with Calgary. It should be noted that as the trade deadline is near, we could be seeing even more trading in and more older players getting shipped to contending teams!

This will be a shorter VHL Now! This week, but wait for our return next with more ECN Content! As always, have fun and see you around! Brought to you by Frostbeard Entertainment! 


People mentioned: @Beketov, @Esso2264, @DilIsPickle and @majesiu

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