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Kai Randal starts anti-appearance discrimination campaign

Runny Nose

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It has been confirmed 2 hours ago that Kai Randal, the Yukon Rush's left winger, will be raising a campaign to stop appearance discrimination and bullying. This campaign's goal is to stop the discrimination and bullying of those with weird appearance. For instance, someone who is bald (for their age), fat, thin, short and so on. We haven't recieved detailed information about how this campaign is going to take place but we do know that Randal will be the lead promoter of this campaign. For this reason, we contacted Randal and asked for his opinion on this and why he decided to participate:

"I sympathize those kids because I can totally relate to that. Kids these days get bullied or discriminated just because they're too fat or too short or bald at a young age. I experience that because I lost all my hair while I was young. I started losing my hair back when I was 14 and became completely bald at the age of 15. Can you believe that? And to top it all off, I have such an old face. Everyone say I look too old to be 18 years old, I mean right now people think I'm 35 or something because of my look. Back in my high school days, I was labeled as an old man because of my baldness and old man sort-of look and I don't want these kids to go through the same thing I did. Baldness isn't something to discriminate but something to appreciate. Having an old face doesn't mean you're old but that you're matured as a person. I shall be the voice of the voiceless, I shall stop this discrimination."

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