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Kaspars Claude the Space Cadet?


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With the season going smoothly for the DC Dragons, we decided to catch up with one of their new players. Well, in reality, they are all new players since they are an expansion team. I meant let us check up on one of the new rookies of the team, Luciano Valentino. Uhmmm I mean Kaspars Claude. Whoever made ther script for this news piece deserves to be fired cause they were either sleeping or drunk when they made it


"Well, that was one way to bring us into the frame here eh FOX Sports. Wow, for a company that seems to have everything under controlled, you look as lost as the Dragons out there in the Offices" Kaspars jokes. "Honestly, it has been a long season, but it was expected. We are building chemistry and we are making sure we keep our heads up out there. The games are very close, so many of them do not even finish in 60 minutes. It shows we are improving and that we are going to have the talent to compete in a couple years."


"Let us be realistic here, D.C. was not going to compete in their first season. Maybe not even the second. But, if we keep on putting time on the practice, and we keep improving as players, we will continue to grow and improve as a squad. I see us being a dangerous squad in a couple seasons. Remember that"


Kaspars walks off casually, into his honda civic. He is gearing up for the winter with his winter beater, I think he stored his lambo or whatever else he drives


"I DRiVE A G WAGON" you hear Kaspars in the distance.


*20 minutes later, we saw Kaspars pulled over on the side of the road, his Civic was on fire*

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