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Following a very successful client, talent scout AwfulHomesick has added another title to his resume. Working with GM Bushito throughout Blaine Olynick's time with the Bern Royals, AwfulHomesick has been appointed as the new General Manager of the Bern Royals. After former GM Bushito was named the new GM of the Seattle Bears, there wasn't much of a debate for the Bern head honchos to pick a successor. Already working as the Assistant GM for Doomsday in Oslo, AwfulHomesick knew that his time to eventually become a General Manager was coming very quickly.


"I spoke recently to Bushito about the possibility of him being promoted, and it didn't seem very likely. I accepted the fact that it would take some time, considering how I'm still fairly new to the league but I've grown so fond and accustomed to the ins and outs of the Bern Royals. I started out here as representation to Blaine Olynick to now being the new sheriff in town. With the great talent we currently have and the run we're in right now, I'll be doing everything I can to bring a cup to Bern," said AwfulHomesick at the press conference.


But in all seriousness, I'd like to thank Kendrick for holding my hand since I got here, Bushito for trusting me with what he's built in the team so far, Romanes for being a great GM so far in Cologne, and flyersfan for giving me my first job here.


I know it's a small job compared to a VHL GM, but it's been such a ride so far and a huge compliment from a veteran in the league, and I hope to keep doing great things here in the long run. :cheers:

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