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VHLGFX S67 Playoffs [Round 3] SEMIFINALS


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The following users have been eliminated: @STZ @Bushito @OrbitingDeath @monkeywrench15

These were the four users who actually won in the quarterfinals!


Thank you fellas for participating and showing us some awesome graphics along the way.

Let's take a lookie poo at the Semifinal now!



@Bruins10 vs. @.sniffuM


@gorlab vs. @jack


You all have one week to produce two (2) graphics each:

- One (1) player card for someone else, and;

- One (1) social media graphic for the VHL. 


The player card dimensions are 2.5" x 3.5".

Social media graphic should be 1200 pixels W x 630 pixels H. 


Please let me know if you have any questions boys. This should be a solid round!

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@gorlab @jack get em in when you can I've been away for Thanksgiving back for then gone till Sunday again. If you both send em in I'll post voting, if not then by Sunday :) 


@Bruins10 sorry to hear my friend. Don't sweat it, we know how great you are at gfx :) 


@.sniffuM congrats for getting to the finals ?

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