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Victor Talib's Random Hockey Adventure Over - For Now


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Talib Returns to His Roots

Here at Engine News Network, we just recently received a direct statement from star athlete Victor Talib regarding his hockey career. In an interview covered by our network about a month ago, Talib announced his random decision to pursue a professional hockey career, despite being a football, basketball, and track star. Here is his statement:

"So I'm sure you guys remember when I made my switch to hockey. At the time I made the decision believing it would be a fun challenge and that I would be able to find success in the sport. I'm still confident that I could become a hockey legend, but a variety of factors have led me to accept a scholarship and go back to the sports I'm already great at. My original thought that hockey would be a challenge is true, however, the fun part was not. It's not that hockey is a bad sport - it's just I really don't know a damn thing about it. It's hard to motivate yourself to practice for hours for something you don't love, and I just haven't had the history and experience with hockey to fully embrace the sport. The biggest reason though, was that I remembered about real life priorities. It was selfish of me to even consider pursuing a career I felt would be fun over one I could be successful at. I put my own personal excitement ahead of the struggle of my single mom who raised me. I need to make money as soon as possible to help her out, and then I can start exploring new sports. So who knows? Maybe one day I'll return to the hockey league and become the great I know I can become... but for now this is going to be it."


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