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Shoutout to my Biggest Hater.... I Mean Fan


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Congrats @Da Trifecta on keeping me going. Having my player actually last an entire career, even with just decent tpe earning makes me look like a hall of famer compared to you. You know that you are the one who started our post trolling reaction war right? I woke up one day after saving a few puppies from burning buildings, and found that you had zzd a bunch of my posts. So I decide to return fire. And now it turns into this whole big thing. Truthfully DT, you complete me. I don't actually want you to leave, you entertain me. And it really doesn't take much time to do this, more like 10 minutes a week maybe. 


I still need to reach the 150 word limit, so for the rest of this post I will be talking about Davos. The fact that since I have been traded to Davos we have continued to lose to DC, a horrible new expansion team (no offense), is pathetic. I will be sad if we don't make the playoffs.


PS Mac Miller is shit

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