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Name: Brick Tamland

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA




Just a short two years ago, Brick Tamland was a low-level weatherman. All it took was an accident one night to flip Brick’s life upside down. Brick stumbled into a hockey arena one day through the back-door. He missed his exit on the highway to work and through a series of mishaps while trying to pick up his banana he dropped under the gas pedal, he found himself parked at the back of the arena. Coincidentally, the arena had the same grey tones of the back door to his news station. Brick stumbled through the back door and went to the elevator. He thought the new station had undergone renovations...overnight. Dressed in a suit and tie, Brick rode the elevator and just followed the crowd. This is where a PR lady gave him a lanyard and a his new “weatherman” credentials – it was the first game of the year; she must've assumed he was new. Brick ended up following the crowd (hockey professionals) to a box up top and rubbed elbows all night long. Brick though the hockey game was some new fascinating technology that allowed him to predict the weather. As Brick does, he made simple observations a three-year-old would make (e.g., “Wow!”, “Whoa!”, and “Did you see that?”). This impressed one man in the room: Jim Benning. 




Jim liked what he saw in Brick and wanted Brick to be back each and every game. Jim Benning saw Brick’s credentials: “Pro Scout” and assumed Brick was a seasoned hockey professional. Brick never found his way back to the news station. Jim promoted Brick to his highest level scout and used Brick’s keen observations to build a championship team. Later, Brick was noticed in the VHLM by Mexico City Kings’ GM, Nyko Nax. Mr. Nax offered Brick the AGM position. Without a doubt, Brick packed his bags and moved to the most dangerous and criminally active city in the world. That very season, Brick was also hired by the WJC commissioners and propelled Team World to a gold medal. To this day, Brick is still in Mexico City and will be the GM of Team World once again this season. If you ask around the league, Brick has high hopes to become a GM full-time. Given his incredible observation skills in the game of hockey, only time stands between Brick and more hockey hardware.




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