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Condor Adrienne is the worst Nighthawk


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Condor Adrienne is the worst Nighthawk


Yes, you heard it here first. Condor Adrienne, the player who went first overall is the worst player on his new team. The defender was touted as the next big thing, but the only thing he has been so far is the biggest disappointment.


The least plus/minus rating

Adrienne is the only Nighthawk with a negative +/- rating, with a -3 rating he is three more behind than Boucher and Materazzo who both still at least manage to have 0. Adrienne shows he just can’t be relied on.


The worst shooting percentage

Condor Adrienne has upped his shooting to 90 during the season, but he still does not manage to get the puck in the net regularly, in fact, from all players on the team he has the worst shooting percentage. With 4.55% he is even behind the likes of Boucher and Marleau who even scored more goals as him.


The least game winning goals

Once again, this is a big zero. Nothing. Nada. Condor Adrienne has not scored a game winner yet. The only other players that did not mention this yet are Jerry Garcia, Phil Marleau and Rusty Shackleford and out of these players Adrienne is the most offensive one.



It might be too early to call Adrienne a bust, but he certainly has disappointed himself with his play on the ice. Only by staying dedicated he will be able to improve himself and hope to bounce back in time to get a better performance in the playoffs.


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