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[S68] Matt Thompson has retired!


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Thompson was, without a doubt, the best player I ever had. Award wise, stat wise, skill wise, and just straight up entertainment wise. His career turned out absolutely better than I ever could have imagined.


I know it’s being cheesy but there are a few people I wanted to mention in here as some special thanks.


@Victor Without a doubt the rivalry between Cast and Thompson kept my interest as much as any awards could. Whether intentional or not you pushed me to not accept mediocrity. Who’s to say which one of us actually turned out better but I look forward to helpfully joining the HoF along side you.


@Banackock You drafted new first overall and gave me some of my strongest seasons. I am truly sorry we couldn’t win a cup together, that STHS luck was just never on our side. I know you would have loved for Thompson to come back and break all sorts of records in his final season but it just wasn’t in the cards. Don’t ever assume it was because I didn’t enjoy my time there.


@Quik You did what you set out to do, you got me the cup. Thompson’s legacy wouldn’t quite be complete without it. I just wish we could have gone back to back. I look forward to hopefully seeing you in the conference final.


@Jubo07 My Helsinki partner in crime. I do wish things were different and you hadn’t re-tooled your attributes. I do think Thompson and Borwinn could have been one of the greatest pairs ever but things just never came back up. It is what it is. I’m glad if I had to share my 2nd Brooks that I shared it with you.


@Advantage, @Phil, @OrbitingDeath, and everyone else from Malmo: Thank you for making Thompson’s final season something special. You guys went all in for me in FA and pushed hard to make sure I got 400 goals, by far my greatest accomplishment in 10 VHL careers. If I can get to 4th all time in goals it’s because you guys got me there. Let’s finish strong.


Anyway, that’s enough cheese. Thompson was a first overall pick, a founder’s cup winner, a gold medal winner, a continental cup winner (my first triple gold if you believe it), a 9 time individual award winner (hopefully adding a few more this season) and only the 7th player in 68 seasons to score 400 goals. It has been an honour and a privilege.

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On pace to pass 800 points for Thompson's career. Lots of hardware from multiple seasons including our unforgettable dream season 66.

GG! Mikko has some big shoes to fill.

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