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Last year of my pro contract...what next?


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After a disappointing 6-0 lost against the Seattle Bears. Some reporters approached Aleksander Rodriguez after the game and asked him about his thoughts on the trade deadline in a couple of days. This is what he had to say about it...


A.Rodriguez: Welp a year ago, I asked to be traded to NY and become somewhat important in there rebuild, but I was told that I was now on the trading block just because I wasn't thinking of extending my contract this year and I felt like there were some players who deserved more recognition that didn't got them because of some specific player. I'm not totally shocked because I was once abandoned by that GM when I was in the VHLM and I guess history repeats itself yet again. People will never change.


A reporter from ESPN: What if you were indeed getting traded. Which team do you think you will end up too? And if not, would you stay here in NY?


A.Rodriguez: That's a funny question. I don't really care which team I end up to because I'm fully going to become an FA after this season so I don't want them to lose value for a player that will just walk away. I already had two teams in my mind that I won't say because I'm not trying to get fined, but at the end of the day I will sign to a team where I feel like I can be appreciated, good line management and just being happy in the locker room. Aight boys, I still have a lot of games this season so I don't want to think about FA just now. I'm having a really good year even though I'm not given the proper assets to succeed, but I will tough it out and contend for the Most Improved Player of the year and maybe squeeze into the Playoff? At the end of the day, I just want to win.

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