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[S68] Shawn Glade has retired!


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I guess this is finally it, what a ride it's been with the first player I ever made on this site. Today marks the day where I am no longer a first gen member


Let me get some sappy thank yous out of the way


@Smarch: Thank you for signing me the day i joined the site. Joining the Yukon Rush for that cup run was something i'll never forget, even if we did let it slip away...

@hedgehog337: Thank you for drafting me and giving me a chance when everyone figured I'd bust. Winning the cup my rookie season was a great feeling and I'd be happy to play for Riga with any future player

@Beaviss: Thank you for countless trades and trade talks, and then giving Glade a chance to succeed. Capturing my second continental cup with you to lift the curse was something i wont forget. Hopefully I end up on your team again in the future

@Tagger: Thank you for making a podcast just all about me when i complained :P

To my fellow GMs: Thank you for being an awesome group of people that were willing to work with me and show me the ropes when i joined


Let's hope my next player is even more successful!

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12 minutes ago, hedgehog337 said:



Still remember the pre draft scouting when I was choosing between you and Baxter for 11th pick. This was an example of making the right choice although Lando is still here.


Good luck with the recreate! 


p.s. why retiring Warren though?

dumb gm rule

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