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Greg started his career as a soccer manager in the Polish premiere league with Wroclaw. One day he was in the Wroclaw town square when Greg Eagles was in town with the Continental Cup. He saw all the excitement and was wondering what all this was about. He managed to make his way to the front and speak with Eagles who let him know that his team the Vancouver Wolves just won the Cup in hockey.

Greg did not really know the rules of hockey or what it was all about but he knew he wanted to get involved. The amount of fans and excitement was just incredible and it was an up and coming sport in Poland. When he went home he started researching everything there is about hockey including rules, practice drills, strategies and tactics. He also purchased Eastside hockey manager and started trying out tactics and strategies in the simulator. He quickly rose as one of the best ever GM's in the game and in online leagues.


After a solid few months of pure studying hockey and playing Eastside he was ready to start looking for his first real opportunity. For some reason he saw an ad in the polish newspaper that was looking for a GM for team Asia in the WJC. He thought this was strange that Asia would be advertising in Poland but the ad intrigued him but how could he convince Team Asia he could do well with no experience?


Greg got to work and put together a presentation to Team Asia about his tactics in soccer and how he gets the most out of each of his players. He translated these tactics to hockey and also showed his strategies that he used in Eastside. Greg promised that even though Team Asia might be underdogs, he would get the most out of them through hard work and tactics. He promised glory for Team Asia.


Team Asia's selection staff was really intrigued with his presentation, his knowledge of hockey and the experimental tactics he used in his simulator. The one thing they worried about was that Greg had no experience and didn't know the language but they decided that the amount of work and passion he put into the application that he should be given a chance. They all agreed that they would bring him in for an interview.

A few months after he sent in his presentation Greg received an invitation from Team Asia to fly to Japan for an in-person interview. During the interview Team Asia was impressed with the way Greg wanted to run the team and his tactics that incorporated different soccer strategies. He was handed the job on the spot and now is tasked to put together a roster capable of competing.

It will be interesting to see how the transition from soccer to hockey goes and if Greg will be able to transfer solid soccer knowledge into the game of hockey. Team Asia seems to think so but only the on-ice results will matter. His Hockey GM career has started….where will it take him?

His first task was to put together a roster to compete this season, after a lot of long nights Greg was able to put together a roster which is capable of competing for a medal. The players will all be getting together this week for their first practice and team building exercises. 50% of the players are from Asia, 49% are European with trace Asian DNA and 1% is American with a trace of Asian DNA aswell. Greg is hoping that those players from Europe and US who were passed over by their National team will have the extra motivation to prove their teams wrong and put up points against them.

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